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Move a design system file from an existing project to a new project

Hello !
Until now, i only had one Figma project and all my different files in it, even my design system file. As product is growing, i need to create different project which will need to access the same common design system file. For the organization to be clean, my guess would be to create a new project called “design system” and to move the existing design system library file in it. As i went through existing topics in the forum, i understand that it will unfortunately cut all the links with the mockups using this actual library.

I have looked at Master plugin but it seems that i will still need to go trough all screens to manually reconnect every component (which i’m not prepared to do :sweat_smile:).

Does anyone have been able to find a simple solution to move a library from a project to another without loosing all existing links between components and screens ? Thanks for your help :hugs:

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