Modular permissions within the file

I hope that within a file, one or multiple frames can be set to ‘visible to me only’. Regardless of whether the person who created this frame is the original creator or a past editor, any frame they establish and designate as ‘visible to me only’ should solely display to them and not be shared with other collaborators. Please take into consideration challenges related to changes in user permissions, as well as issues of file duplication, cloning, and how this type of module might be compatible.
Apart from frames, the same applies to pages within the file. However, the number of pages is constrained by your policy of allowing only three free pages; it might be worth assessing its commercial potential.
Lastly, I’m looking forward to the smooth launch of the ‘visible to me only’ feature for frames and hope it will be available for free use.

最后,期待下frame“仅自己可见”功能,能顺利上线并可以免费使用。 :hugs:
Figma yyds :tada:

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