Missing Variants option in right sidebar

Oh, well it’s good that they didn’t remove the action completely but I certainly did NOT think to look there for something that becomes part of the Properties panel section and was there previously. I did find the right-click submenu item on my own.

Figma, could we have both buttons (top and side panel) and the menu command? Building a new design system, I’m working with variants a lot.

Me too. I guess we’ll have to get used to it as well as the other changes. Yesterday I was confident about auto layout, today not so much… hahaha
If you ask me, I think they should add a variant shortcut as well. In cases with lots of variants it would really come in handy! :crossed_fingers:


All this supposed helpful updates are not well thought out in my opinion.

I can no longer see every and all variants at a glance. How is this helpful? we have to instead dig through more clicking after clicking after clicking…

right click component >> main component >> Add variant

ps. they should tell us first lol :joy:

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Yeah, they should surface the variants a bit more. The properties are much improved, albeit a little more complex to grasp.

Thanks a lot you’re the best… I got frustrated :disappointed:

I also am having this issue. I can still create variants and add properties. This still shows the components panel, but the variants panel seems to be completely gone for me and will not show. Hoping to see the panel return in the next update as the experience was superior in my opinion.

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