Missing fonts - String variable

When i try to change the value of a string variable during a prototype with “set variable” using a custom font it replaces the font and says “some missing fonts were replaced”. How can i maintain my custom font?


I’m having this same issue with number variables. Upon presenting or previewing, all my custom fonts display correctly. As soon as an interaction updating the variable is triggered, however, Figma notifies me some missing fonts were replaced, and the variable in question switches to some default typeface. I tried applying text styles to see if that solves the problem, but to no avail.

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Same here! Hope they fix it.

Same here!

Also having this problem :frowning:

Same here–assuming it’s a bug. Hope they fix it soon!

Same. This is so incredibly frustrating.

This would be great to fix. It’s not terribly disruptive to prototyping but can be distracting for the end user.

A bug topic is open here : Missing font & style when using variable - #6 by Emilie_Giraudet

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