Missing fonts in prototype - Interactive components

Quoted from Figma article to make your own fonts work properly in the client’s browser (or without showing “Some missing fonts were replaced”), your client must:

Alternatively you must use any of Google fonts in your prototype.

Currently I haven’t found any article described about the embedded custom web fonts to work similarly as the Google fonts which are publicly accessed.

I hope this can help.

Unfortunately its happening with google fonts like Roboto too for me. The craziest thing is how randomly it starts and stops, so there’s no way of doing a work around cause we don’t know why its happening. The same prototype works for days, until… it just doesn’t?

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It doesn’t help. 3 years can’t pay attention and fix this problem. Hey, Figma team, where are you? Can you hear us? This is too minor a problem, because of which you will have to think in the direction of another prototype editor.

I think I may have resolved Fontawesome issue on my end. I realised I am only having the issue on my Mac, not PC so narrowed it down to locally installed Fontawesome font.

I disabled the font in my Font Book on Mac. The Fontawesome is now working in my prototype. It seems that Figma was getting confused as it may have been referencing two Fontawesome fonts installed within app vs on my laptop.

I ll keep on monitoring if the issue arises again.

We had the same issue as others have posted here. When someone is using the prototype the words would disappear as their mouse ran across them. Some words would stay invisible, rendering the prototype useless. We had the same error of “some missing fonts were replaced”. We tried installing fonts and even updating it all to a common font like Arial and that did not work.
However, we had the idea to go to the Figma Downloads | Web Design App for Desktops & Mobile page and install just the Figma font installer on their machines (even though they were just accessing the link to the prototype and not using Figma itself). This actually worked so there is no longer an issue with missing fonts when they access prototypes. Hopes this helps others!