Missing "Fill Container" option

Can you please help me understand why “fill container” is not an option for the selected layer? I’ve looked through all similar topics and they don’t seem applicable. Attached SS of parent and child layers…

Thank you. :blush:

(wouldn’t let me attach second photo of parent…)

Hi @telan

You cannot use “fill container” because Prod Layout’s parent (auto-layout-e-commerce) isn’t an auto layout (as the icon # before its name shows it’s a simple frame).
Either make #auto-layout-e-commerce an auto layout or go to the constraints section of Design panel and use for the width Left and Right (instead of Center)

Hope it helped

Hello @telan, Thanks for reaching out! In addition to @Haroll 's excellent explanation, I’d like to share our help center article which also might helpful.
Please feel free to check out [Fill container] section in the [Resizing] of the article here:

I hope this information sheds some additional light!

oh sheesh, I swear I tried that… thanks for making me try again! haha

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