Missing all files

I need help finding my files. Today when I’ve opened my Figma account, all of my files were missing. It’s like somehow, my account was reseted, and all I can see is a project that I’ve been working yesterday. They don’t appear even in the deleted tab, so I don’t really know what to do.
Anyone know what could have happened?
Thank you!!

Hey @Luciana_Papazian , thanks for reaching out to the community!
I understand how stressful it can be to see a file disappear but I’m certain that we can find a solution to find it!

Can you please check if:

  • You are logged into the right account to view it? You can switch accounts via the top-right and top-left corners of the file browser.
  • The file may have been moved by a teammate who was also on that file – please check with your teammate if you are able to.

If you still haven’t found it, please reach out directly to the support team with the URL of your missing file(s) so they can take a closer look at what might be happening: here. (You can search for the link in your browser’s history, or ask collaborators who may have it.) Please also make sure to use your Figma email account when you reach out to the support team.

Please let us know how that goes, thanks!

Hi, @Celina_figma. I’ve checked those things you suggest but I have no results. I will reach the Support team as you suggested with the links I have of the projects, but I only have the URL of the prototype, you think that that would help?

Thanks for letting me know! Yes, the best would be to reach out to the support team to have a deeper look at it. The URL of the prototype would help to investigate!

They answer me, but since I have an Starter Account they’ve told me that they cannot help me :frowning: