Mirror screen on canvas

First of all, I apologize if this idea was already suggested.

I’m proposing a feature that allow user to duplicate/mirror screens on canvas, without having to create a component.

These screens would not be editable, just a mirror of the original screen. This would be extremely useful on flow building, where a single screen can be repeated numerous times without having to create a component out of a screen.

Thank you


In general: I wish there were a tool called “FigFlow”, in my project we use user flows and end-to-end customer journeys as a main topic of our work. So its kind of an meta level of ux design. But FigJam isn’t sufficient enough for such documentation.

And doubling everything in Figma isn’t effective though. Would love to see a larger impact of customer journeys in Figma. So would be a nice feature you suggested.

Could be working as a component just called Mirror and referes to the Original Frame. In addition to enhanded flow arrows in Figma this could be a way.

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