Mirror app not playing transition animations

As of the last day or two, prototypes in the Mirror app (at least on iOS) have not been playing animations for transitions. The transitions all play as “Instant”.

Issue was tested with multiple users, across old documents that worked before, and pulling prototype into new document.


I have the same issue for the last 3 days. Animations do not work right now in Figma Mirror, and they do work fine when I use the prototype on mac. Any solution? Thanks

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I just noticed the same issue. Smart animate between two artboards works as intended in desktop app’s Present view, but the iPhone Mirror app just ignores it and switches instantly between two artboards.
I haven’t tried it on an Android phone.

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I have the same issue maybe for a week. But if you using prototype view (at Recent page in app) animations are working smoothly as they do.

Both apps (from AppStore and from TestFlight).

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Same issue here, using newest version of App on a iPhone 12 mini

Just pitching here to say I have the same problem as well. Animations are fine when presenting, but they don’t work when mirroring—I use Figma mirror as a big part of my workflow so I’d love to see a fix for this soon.


I have the same problem … Animations stopped working on the mirror. Only work in the Preview of the Desktop app. Neither in the iPhone application is working.

look the example - https://h3llo.d.pr/fy0Cuh

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Any help here on this one please, @anon21722796 ?

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Around 6 days ago, on Jan 25th, I noticed animations started working properly again in Figma Mirror. If this is the case for everyone, maybe this can be marked solved?

Thanks @SingYu_Lam! I can mark this as resolved if no one else notices any issues.

We recently launched a full public update of the mobile app. It can be found under “Figma – prototype mirror share” in the iOS app store.

If everyone here could try that app (if you haven’t already) and let me know if you still have issues with transitions, that would be great.

@knishida I don’t have an iPhone with me to test that, but the Figma app on Android which has also been updated to the full public beta is working fine with animations too.

Ah, that’s good to know! Appreciate the extra context :grinning: