Memory limit problem

Hello community, I have a problem with Figma memory. I don’t have that much of file in my design yet I get memory limit with most of the content as imported component. is there a fix to it or find our what are this component by name?

here is screenshot of what we are countering. And it’s not only in one file. it’s happening all the time after we implemented variable into the design system.

Hey Sohrab,
Sorry to hear you are having issues with the memory limit! The “Show memory usage in layers panel” is the only way to check the memory usage in your panel.

To give you more insight about “Imported components”, they are local copies of external components that are created and reside in your file when you add an instance of a component from an external library to your file. These local copies are not visible to users on the canvas but they consume memory and are needed to establish a connection between your instance and the external main component.
These local copies will remain in a file as long as any instances of an external component (even those that have recently been deleted or moved from an external library) are present in your file.

As a workaround, the memory used by these imported components can generally be lowered by updating their external main components after reducing their memory usage ( or by actively removing or detaching all instances of external components which you no longer need in your file. (to search your instances in use: search for the instances in the search bar - however this may not capture instances that have been renamed). Hope this helps!

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Thank you @Celine_Figma At least now I know how it exactly works to implement a logic around our solutions.

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Having this problem today, except one minute it’s all green, then it’s all red in the same file.
I actually moved some page out while it was amber to free up some memory, then it went red twenty minutes later.


Figma seems to be passing the blame to its users. Get a Team plan with unlimited libraries… don’t use the libraries too much because you’ll be pulling your hair out