Master components & component set - design system


I understand that I cant create a component set with master components.
I am working on a design system. So I need both. Layers wouldn’t be useful for me (also some components are only used in a component set, they aren’t independent). What would the best practice be?
Thank you.

Hi there

Create a component for each element you want to use then put them into your design that you need as master component variant as child. then select the mother layer of the variant and click on add-in properties section. select the nested instance and again select with instance properties you want to use in this mother component.

this way you can use and reuse all the settings of each component inside your master component as they are only one component

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Thank you very much, but i think i couldn’t express the problem. whatever i do, it duplicates the components (master or variant) when i create a component set with them. i’ll try to find another way. best.