Manual select when swapping libraries

Especially with the recent Variables update. It’s more important than ever to have the ability to migrate all the old Styles with new Variables.

However, the current behavior is that it only matches whatever “name” is the same. This makes the whole swapping library a very underpowered feature.

Ideally, it should simply allow us to pick Variables or Styles to swap with the old library.

This has been requested back in 2021.

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TOTALLY! We talk about this at work all of the time, this is such major drawback when trying to upgrade an old library to new one (or vice versa).

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When swapping librairies, if no matching style is found, would it be possible to manually select a style? Something like this:

It often happens to me that I equivalent exists, but the name and/or the value has changed since.


Hey Andy, thanks for the feedback and flagging the original request!

We’ve merged the other feature request here and edited the topic slightly for clarity. We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration!


Actually, it was suggested multiple times (for example, Allow manual swapping of styles and symbols in Swap Library), but since no one from Figma replied back then and the topic always remains open only 90 days without an answer, it got lost in the dust.

I believe it would be appreciated by many more people than the seven who voted for it here :wink: Speaking of the votes, keep in mind that a single vote here might actually represent a whole big company (like in my case). Anyway, I much appreciate dvaliao’s response!


At this point it seems like such an important update to managing and merging libraries. I’m glad someone brought up one of the old threads. Sometimes I hate Figma’s 90 day policy here.

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