Making icons available for website/embedding

Our docs team wants to be able to directly use icons in their documentation instead of just screenshots from our applications. Because of the way our code is built and security in the applications, it’s not possible to pull those directly from the code. I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to create a link directly to components in Figma so they could do something like <img src="[image-link]> and have that display the icon. I know there are lots of other ways to handle this, but ideally I’d like this to be as automated as possible, since we add new icons all the time and sometimes update them, and relying on a manual process gives too much room for error. I don’t seem to see any plugins that would help with this-any ideas?

Hey @Matt_Meeks unfortunately I don’t think that would work as the urls of the icon images within Figma may get cycled/change for security purposes. You may also run into permission issues if someone doesn’t have access to the underlying file. Do they need a url of the icon or can they use an svg/png of it instead?

@Josh They need an easy way to embed icons in the tool they use for documentation. Ideally, it would be tied to some single source of truth so when the UX team adds or updates an icon, it would updated in their system automatically.

Got it. I think one option here would be using or building a plugin that does this. This isn’t possible directly in Figma but a plugin could help by automating the export and keeping these icons updated and in sync with a repository somewhere.

For example maybe something like this Airtable plugin where you could sync content to Figma and then push it back to Airtable. Note this is just an example, I haven’t actually used this plugin.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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