Make it possible to link to subframes

Hi! I have a long-running pain point with Figma—I work on pretty complex flows and like to organise screens into flows by putting frames within larger frames.

I run into a problem with the eng team I work with because links to the individual frames nested in the larger frame don’t work and just point to the parent frame.

Is there any way to link to subframes?

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Hi @Ollie_Khakwani ,
Thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass along your feedback to the team for consideration. Feel also free to vote up your idea!

I confirm it is an intended behaviour. It’s only possible to link the top-level frame. Any nested frames will have the same link ID as the parent frame. You can have more info in our Hep Center article: here.
In the meantime, you can use the right-click → Copy/Paste → Copy link functionality for sharing links to nested frames.

Hope it helps!

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