Make it easier to fix broken variable references

If I create a variable and apply it to my design, then delete that variable, the design maintains a reference to a non-existant variable. This is reflected by a disabled/missing variable badge in the field or colors list:

The problem is, there’s no way to locate all instances of broken variable references. Through the process of learning to use variables, many have been created and re-created. There are broken references all over the place, and many have gone unnoticed.

It would be amazing to have a way to locate them all so they can be swapped for new variables.

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Hey Teri, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our Variables team for consideration. There isn’t an easy way to locate them all yet, but you can use the quick command: Detach deleted variables to quickly get rid of any existing ghost variables.


i just realized that when i moved a bunch of variable groups around it basically self destructed all of them so now i gotta pick those pieces up manually :frowning:

Omg, it just detached 1,548 variables. :flushed:

@dvaliao Actually this didn’t seem to detach all deleted variables. I ran the command and it did say it detached a ton, however I just clicked on a frame and it was still linked to a deleted variable (as indicated by a white tag in the field).

Interesting… we’ll pass this onto the team to look into and try to reproduce. In the meantime, does this walkthrough from our Designer Advocate, Miggi, help?

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