Make a page get the change of the header

Sorry for this dummy question but I am new to Figma and I have been trying for 2 hours to get this.
I’m taking over a Figma project. In one page, I see that the person who was working in the project added together a “header”, a “frame”, and a “footer”. I would like to make a tiny change on the “header”. Therefore, I click on the “header” and I use the “Go to main component” option. There, I see the header and I’m able to make my tiny change. But when I go back to the page, the “header” used next to the “frame” and the “footer” does not include my change.
Could you please tell me how to make my page include the change that I have made in the “header” ?
Sorry for the question, and thanks in advance !

If the change is color or text or something else that can be overriden in the instance, it’s probably an override. Reset this override in the instance.

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Thanks for the response !
The thing is that, when I select the “header” which is within my page, I go to the Instance section and I click on the button, it tells me No changes to reset. It only allows me to use Detach instance.
Do you have any idea why ?

In this case are the component and the instance in the same file? If the component is in a library file, you first need to publish the update and then accept this update in the file where the instance is at.

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Indeed, it was in a library file. I published it and accepted the updated in the file where the instance is at.
Thanks a lot, and sorry for these basic issues, but I am very new to Figma.
Have a good week-end !