Maintaining child component dimensions with instance swap

I’ve seen lots of complaints about child components persisting their original sizing during instance swaps with the parent. I have the opposite problem: I want a child component to keep its size when I swap it in. For some reason I can’t figure out why “Child B” in this case adopts the size of “Child A” when I swap them in a Parent instance – if I detach the Parent instance from the Parent component and swap the Children they adopt their original size.

Test file in case someone can tell me what Im doing wrong with my autolayout settings, or if I need to house the Child component in a frame or something…

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. This is a longstanding issue unfortunately. When you swap instances, the size doesn’t change. However, there’s workaround. For now, if you add auto layout to each state of your set, I think you should be able to swap and see your frames correctly resize

I hope this will help you but please feel free to let us know if you have further questions!