Maintain link on a frame when moving to another page/file

TL;DR Link to frame breaks when it is moved to another file/frame

In a big company with many designers, IT analysts and developers, we found out that best practice for developer handoff is to link Figma frame to Jira ticket, so developers don’t need to search through dozens of files, pages and frames to find what needs to be implemented. No problem till now.

But as designers, we have many versions of different screens in a different state and after a while, it becomes quite a messy place. So we want to clean up the space, group workflows and move it to other pages or to other files (i.e. designed workflow is small at first so it is laid within bigger group, but it grows in time so we need to move it to another page/split it into multiple files). But when we do that, we break all links in Jira, so either developers can’t find the right screen when needed, or we need to invest excessive time to change all links in Jira, which can vary from tens to hundreds of screens.

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

From my point of view, it would be great if each frame could have an unique id/hash through the whole workspace (at least those which had the link generated) which wouldn’t change when moved to another page/file/project.


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Totally agree, this really eats up a lot of time.

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It’s really a bummer. What makes this worse is the branch system, which doesn’t allow you to single out any one individual frame, rather to branch an entire file, making merging really cumbersome, so this behaviour forces you to move out your designs into smaller groups/files. But when doing so, all links are FUBAR, and then devs can’t find anything… Really frustrating.


unique link per frame is a must.
right now giving nightmare situation for organising design files.

hope to see an update soon

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I totally second this. I find it out of my way having to right click to move the frame to another page, find it and move it to the desired location (to keep the URL).

Much easier would be to just cut it (CMD+X) go to the desired location on the destination page, paste it in and adjust.

In short, I think links should not lose their URL when cut.


Do anyone know if Figma have gotten around to fix this?

I need this too! Especially because I am reorganizing my pages now to implement Mark as ready for dev.


I need this feature so badly. It is so difficult to work with dynamically changing product without it.