Loop through all text style in file

Hello everybody,

I have a little knowing about Figma API, so I use ChatGPT to create some code for creating a style guide.

And I get an error.

I know I have to loop through all text styles but don’t know what to loop.

Hope somebody can help me this issue. Thank you.

// Function to create a frame containing all text styles
const createTextStyleGuide = () => {
  const frame = figma.createFrame();
  frame.name = "Text Style Guide";
  frame.layoutMode = "VERTICAL";
  frame.counterAxisSizingMode = "AUTO";
  frame.primaryAxisSizingMode = "AUTO";
  frame.itemSpacing = 16;

  textStyles.forEach((style) => {
    const textNode = figma.createText();
    textNode.characters = `${style.name}: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog`;
    textNode.fontName = { family: style.font_family, style: style.font_weight };
    textNode.fontSize = style.font_size;
    textNode.lineHeight = { value: style.line_height_px, unit: 'PIXELS' };
    textNode.fills = [{ type: 'SOLID', color: style.color }];


// Run the function to create the text style guide frame


A description of the error is displayed on your screenshot. Apparently textStyles is not defined and was not declared earlier in the code. Before accessing it, declare a variable (or constant, function, etc.) and assign it a method to get text styles.

Also, before changing the properties of a text node, load the font.