Looking to hire Figma designers

Hi all, I’m not sure of the etiquette or rules as they relate to hiring on this board so if I’ve trodden on toes please let me know!

We are looking to hire designers with strong Figma experience to help build out a design system for social media. We have made a lot of inroads into the project however are looking to onboard designers to help us build it out faster.

It’s working with an amazing brand, you’ve heard of them, within a strong and dynamic team. You can be anywhere we just need you to be able to cross over into the UAE timezone for quick catch ups at some point during the day.

Where would be the best place to source designers? We’re looking for quality so wanted to avoid upwork.

If anyone is interested please dont hesitate to contact me on DM.


There is no such thing as “Figma designers”, designers are not defined by what tool they use but rather by what they create. Usually product and UI designers work in Figma, but also UX, graphics, social media, logo, icons designers can work in Figma too. So I recommend posting the job on some online job boards with the description of what needs to be done (and the tool that will be required too, but that shouldn’t be the main focus).

Social media design system though… That’s an interesting thing. You would probably need a graphics designer or a social media designer, maybe with some experience in design systems? That’s a bit of a weird mix.


Hey Adam, I am an experienced figma designer with 4+ years of experience in UI/UX designing. Please reach out to me on mradul.mishra@techsolvo.com

Hi @Adam_Abbott,

As @Gleb said there is no such profile as figma designers. Almost many of the designers use figma tool to design UI/UX graphics. If you like to get customized graphic design support don’t hesitate to contact us.

I think we can deduce from the body of the post what I was looking for. The title was erroneous.

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