Long loading times for Swap Instance panel

Hey, I noticed that the Swap Instance panel in the Design tab takes a lot of time to load. No matter the internet connection (slow or fast) this take ages. Sometimes I need to restart Figma in order to make it work.

Some of the libraries, like this one: Phosphor Icons added to the Community, has more than 4,000 components

Not sure what is the technical strategy for serving components from the libraries but this is really slowing down my workflow (alongside the new, and messed up, way of not look-up for components among all the libraries).


Following this as I’m experiencing the same issue, except it has stopped working for me and doesn’t load.

Can also confirm same issue.

Sam issue here

Yes, this is a huge time suck as I have tried restarting Figma, my computer, disconnecting and reconnecting VPN, SSO, Logon, etc…

Same here! Happens remotely (some files are fine, some long).

Same issue here!

Same issue :confused:

I am having the same issue with the issue of the instances not loading at all…

Hi! Exactly the same issue for me too!

Yes, same issue here too.

Ys, same issue here too

I just closed Figma, and re-opened. Solved issue and able to load swap instance panel without delay.

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same issue. solved this by using figma in the browser.
Reopening the Figma desktop does not work.
seems Figma desktop has an unstable connection?

Same issue here! Loads indefinitely even on local components

any solution found here?

Hi everyone, this started suddenly for me and I can’t get the instance list to load no matter what I do on desktop app or the browser. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi so I finally found a way around this by trial and error, I detached a copy of any component that has a swap instance property for a nested component. Then I tried loading the instance list for the component nested within the component we just detached and it worked. After that, the issue was resolved for nested components without the need to detach anything. Seems like the issue was to just get it to load once.


Thanks @Hanan for the interesting discovery. Hopefully, it will help Figma find and fix the issue.

@Hiroko , I’ve also experienced just closing Figma Desktop and opening it again solves the issue for a day or two…

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Can this be investigated officially please? Im experiencing this issue quite frequently.