Link to nested frames

I often place my work inside a parent frame, that is styled for presentations. I would like to link directly to a nested frame within.

“Link to selected frame” only allows linking to frames that sit directly on the canvas. Please support at least one level deeper.


Either this, or having some sort of auto layout grid feature for the canvas so parent frames easily organize themselves.

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Agreed with this request. I’m trying to create a shared background for several frames where a reader can ‘follow’ a journey between consecutive nested frames. The only way to see the background is these nested frames is using a parent frame - unfortunately the connections between the nested frames then become invalid.

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+1 on linking to nested frames! I use auto-layout for everything and organize lots of content this way. I need to be able to link to nested sections of my designs.


yes please!

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This shouldn’t be so hard, please, do this. Another use case for me is when I write User stories, I need to place designs of parts of the screen specify details. It would be great to just embed Figma links to those nested frames. Now I have to do screenshots.

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Seconded. I am trying to link to a form that is on a page with three others. With just three forms, it’s a minor inconvenience-but what about a page that has 10+ forms?
Also, why can’t Figma hyperlink from an image without using a 0% opacity text layer?
I’ve been using Figma for about 2 months now, and while it has many good features, there are lots of glaring gaps in functionality.

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This would be super helpful in streamlining our workflow.

This is very frustrating and has actually caused me to advocate against using figma in our org. Not being able to link nested frames means that I often can’t link directly to figma screens in my jira tickets which causes confusion, mistakes, and eats up our dev time. My designer uses the frames on the canvas though, to be able to move groups of screens around together in a frame. I find myself having to take screenshots of individual screens to link to tickets which defeats the purpose of having a design platform that integrates with Jira.


We need this feature)