Link Share url should use unique identifiers and not file name

Current behaviour (in Org):
1- after sharing a link to anything in a file (page, frame, section, etc) the url uses those names
2- if the name of any of those names included in the url changes, then the url, which has been included in documentation and dev tickets, breaks.

Expected behaviour:

  • use unique identifiers instead, so the url already shared do not break due to file renaming due, file clean up, etc

1- an entire set of sprint tickets (50+) had to be painfully relinked due to file name, frame and section renaming that happened after the PM grabbed the urls.
2- after a feature has grown (or low memory warning), and there’s a need to split the file into multiple files in another project folder, the frames are cut and pasted into another file. Once again, simple file management breaks urls already shared and an entire project needs to be relinked.