Link improvements (connections from multiple objects)

> Problem:
Linking and prototyping in Figma is quite tedious and repetitive.

> Solutions:

  1. Be able to make the same link for several elements at the same time. When we press shift and select multiple elements, to allow the possibility to launch a link.

Current status:
One object selected: Link possible.

Two items selected: Link not possible.

  1. Make copying and pasting links easier.
    Right now the only way to do this is to select the event in a very small space and then we don’t get any feedback from Figma that the link has been copied.

2.1. Visual feedback from Figma sending a toast with the message “The link has been copied, press Ctrl + V to paste it into another element”.
2.2. To be able to select the link with the visual cable itself and copy and paste it and receive the same feedback as above.

Can you think of more ideas, do you know of any plugins that make prototyping easier?

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