Limiting access to specific libraries only

Hello world :sunny:

I need help with setting up my design system right.

I have a library called “core”, where all components live which can be used on all platforms (Typo, Color, Buttons, …)

Additionally, I have 3 more libraries: Web, iOS and Android.
Here are all components which can be used for each platform only (e.g. is the input field on Android different as on iOS and Web, etc.).

The main goal with this structure is that other designers can and will use ONLY the components which are allowed to use lets say on iOS. So they know they can use specific components for each platform.

Buttons from the core library for example are then linked in each platform from the core library. Elements/Components which are not inside one of the platform library can’t be found and used.

My problem is now, that if I create a new project for the web platform for example, and here activate the Web library ONLY, I still can see ALL components under assets. Also, the once for iOS and Android.

Why? I haven’t activated the other platforms. Even not the core library …

Am I doing something wrong? Or misunderstood the Figma System?

Thanks in advance !!

Can you show the screenshot of your enabled libraries window and the assets panel where you see the non-enabled libaries?

Hi Gleb,
sure, here the screenshots.

→ Screenshot from the new project file WITHOUT activating ANY library

This Test element is sitting inside “COSMA - Web”.
I can search for any element/component, it finds it …

Oh, you mean the search results. Yeah, that’s a known issue. You can vote for solving it here: Enable Assets search only for enabled libraries