Library vs Component Library vs Style Guide?

Hi Figma peeps!

I am in the middle of a Sketch to Figma design platform migration and I’m trying to work out the best practice for setting up the Team Library, so I would be really grateful for any advice about how best to structure Figma.

Back in Sketch days, the library was really off-limits to anyone other than the design team, so I would often have a component library which would document usage etc. as well as a style guide, either within Sketch or on Zeplin. However, in the transparent world of Figma, I wonder if there is a need to maintain the library, a component library and a style guide or whether the Team Library can be used for all three?

For context, I am working for a charity with only 2 branded entities which are very similar (this may change over the coming months), so I don’t really need multiple libraries for platform, brand etc, just want to make sure the organisation has the best possible foundations which will be scalable and manageable.

All the best,


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