Library updates won't appear in design file

As I don’t see any topics that solve my problem I’m going to give it a try, since I’m getting increasingly fed up with this issue.

The situation:

  • I’m working on the component library for my organisation;
  • I publish the changes made;
  • I then go to the file in which the libary I just updated is used;
  • The is no notification of an update
  • When I check for updates in the assets panel there are updates listed;
  • I klick on “Update” and still nothing happens

So I am stuck with a library that refuses to update. It DOES however update when I close and reopen Figma. Any suggestions here besides quitting Figma and moving to the competition?

Hi there! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the library updates! It is buggy, have you checked if it is happening on browser, desktop app or both? Is there any error message?
It’s a good workaround to force-quit and re-start Figma. As this issue looks specific to your file, I’d recommend you to reach out directly to the support team so they can have a deeper a look at it: here

Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with, so we can take a closer look. Also, if you are able to, please also provide a screen recording of you making and publishing an update, and then navigating to the working file? Please be sure to include a screen recording from the desktop app as well as the browser so we can see if you’re getting different results. Thanks!