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Library analytics in-context with components

I’m updating components in my team’s Design System Library and I’d like to know how many instances/files/projects/teams these changes will impact.

I am on the Org plan. I have several components and variants. In the case of Top Bars (one family of components), many of the variants are simply not in use, and may be removed or consolidated with zero impact. Others are used hundreds of times across many files and teams.

Currently, I have to go into the library analytics tool to cross-reference. I’d love to see some of this data as metadata (a simple instance count would be :star: ) on components in the main component page. Bonus points if I can get links back to individual files, or even just to deep link into the analytics modal.

For the community:
Are there any plugins or workarounds you know of to make this easier? How many of you are struggling with making updates to heavily-used design libraries?

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