Left and Right constraint disabled when min/max width are set

Whenever I set a frame either min or max width, ‘left and right’ constraint is disabled. Is this a bug? Or is there’s any reason?

Hi @jen_huh, Thanks for reaching out and describing the issue you’re encountering.

Are you noticing this behavior when you apply Constraints to an Auto layout frame itself?
I did some testing on my side and observed the following:

  1. Apply auto layout to a frame
  2. Add either max or min width for the frame, then “left and right” and “Scaled” Constrains options grayed.
  3. Add either max or min height for the frame, “Top and bottom” and “Scaled” Constrains options grayed out.

This consistency makes me think this may be the intended behavior, but I have yet to find any documentation explaining why this happens.

I’ll reach out internally to see if this is a bug or feature limitation. We’ll keep you updated with any new information I find.

If I’ve missed anything, please let us know. Additionally, if anyone in our community has further insights regarding this, please jump in!