Left align text within two different text boxes

Hi, I tried to search for this but couldn’t find the solution. I have 2 text boxes placed in the auto layout. I would you the texts to be left aligned, but there is a slight shift between two texts (see the screenshot below). How can I make it so that lines of the letter “P” and the letter “N” bellow perfectly alignes?

I will just post here what I found so far:

  1. It seems there is no easy way to remove this whitespace from the left of the character. One solution that would work if you want to align the letters perfectly would be to first convert the text to vector path and then align the resulting objects to the left. The downside of this solution is that you loose the ability to change text.

  2. From what I gathered this extra space on the left of the character which depends on the font size is the font’s author intention. Many would argue that it looks better to leave it as is.