Layers Panel - Resize Page Pane Broken-ish

I can no longer easily resize the Pages panes in the Layers Panel. Most of the time the resizing cursor won’t show up, sometimes it will.

The only way I can consistently get the resizing cursor to show up is to click on a different page (then what I am working with) and then resize the Pages pane.

I have a feeling a “hover” event was mucked up in one of the last few upgrades.

Anyone else?

Hiya @Cory_McKinnon2! I went through both the desktop app and Figma on a web browser, and I was able to resize the pane both horizontally and vertically as expected.

Are you still having this problem on your end? It’s been a couple of days, so I wanted to check. If you are, are you on Windows? I tested this using Chrome, and the desktop app on Mac.

Hi Kim,

Thank you very much for reaching out.

I made a quick video showing how resizing the pane can be very finicky.

Please reach out again if you have any questions.



hmmm that’s interesting :thinking: I’m not sure why this could be happening on your end, but I can file a minor bug ticket for this so someone on engineering can take a look if there’s time.

I’m going to be honest – I don’t know when this this may be reviewed, since it seems to be working normally on our end and is a very specific problem to your instance (as far as I know at the moment), but I’ll let you know if I get any info.

Hey @Cory_McKinnon2! Some good news - this was reviewed and should be fixed. Can you take a look and see if this is resolved on your side? You may need to completely close and reopen Figma (in either the web or desktop app).

Hey there, the LHS panel content in Dev mode is almost impossible to resize

Same here, also after closing and reopening Figma. Here is the video.

oooh thanks for this - since it’s dev mode, I think it’s treated separately. I’ll poke the engineering team that looked at this originally to see if there’s something different going on.

@here Sorry, I was traveling last week. I just checked the interaction and its working MUCH better! Thank you support and dev for getting on this one.

great! thank you @Cory_McKinnon2 – hope you had easy travels!

Also @Tomas_Soltes - I filed a bug ticket to have the dev mode panel reviewed, but I’m still waiting for an update. I don’t have a specific timeline on when I’ll get more info, but I’ll do my best to reach out once I’m informed.