Layer refuses to stay in Component Variant when repositioned

Video with Issue:

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First time posting here so sorry if I make any mistakes. Been learning about variants and components, and am trying to like add new layers to only one variant of a component. I create the layer and in the layer sidebar I put it where it should be. But if I try to then re-position the layer relative to the rest of the variant it just pops back out of the component all-together which is quite annoying. Video will show what I mean. How should I go about fixing this? Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour and I am doing something wrong. Thanks.

@Zach_Rubin If you want to drag an element into a variant, start dragging the element and then hold down the Command key, this will help more easily put the element within the variant you are hovering over.

Then if you want to drag that element around within a variant and not have it pop out, start dragging it and hold down the spacebar — the element will always stay within the variant.

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Thank you. This helped me to find the real issue which was just that the bounding box for my variant was way too small since I was just starting with the tiny red circle. I held control/command to increase it and now just moving the new element around seems to work all good now. Thank you very much.