Layer list is not horizontally scrollable?!

Hi, this one is driving me crazy and I can’t find anything about it so this has to be me doing something wrong. Why can’t I horizontally scroll the Layer list on my Figma? Eventually I get to several levels deep nested layers and I need to manually increase the width of the sidebar to get to them, when I just wanted some horizontal scrolling or even that Figma automatically scrolls horizontally to the layer name. What am I doing wrong? I can’t see any option or setting for this.


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Unfortunately Figma doesn’t have this feature.
Feel free to leave your feedback and vote in this thread: Horizontal scroll on the layers panel.

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Oh my word… :flushed:

It always helps me to navigate within the layer view with ⏎ Enter orShift + ⏎ Enterin very large nestings. Because that way, the level to which I’m currently jumping or which I’m selecting is always selected directly.

You can check out this article here. Maybe it helps to find some shortcuts.