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Layer Label Color

I would love the ability to set a background color in the layer list. I’d like to be able to set this on an individual layer or group of layers.

I often have trouble finding important groups of layers. I’ve resorted to using emojis which helps. But imagine that we could color the background color of the label.

I’d also like to edit the label name so that in my document “Blue” would represent to my developers that it’s grids.


Coloring the name of the layers (either the text or its background), with a gradient (the higher the level, the more staturated the color) would make easy to categorize the layers/groups/frames in a big workspace.

We could signal headers/footers inside a frame ; signal a variation on a specific frame ; signal before/after frames ; etc.

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While I can group groups, I still have to read the group name. In complex projects, the names of a group can become unreadable depending on how deep I go for categorization.

Borrowing from digital audio production, where I can have the same issue, they usually allow color coding of groups. if I color code my groups, I can quickly find that group or category in layer listing.

Doing this would also keep me from designing something on the wrong frame, which I have done in super complex designs.

I would post a picture of this, but I believe everyone has this issue to a degree.

Does anyone else think this would speed up how you find groups/layers, search groups/layers, find objects, etc? How could this be expanded into libraries as well?


Hi there! Sometimes I would like to have highlighted frames -in a subtle way- in order to have a visual aid to identify key frames, or to “group” frames by a color in the layers panel. I don’t know if anyone else has this need, but I think it could add a new hierarchy level and help the internal order of files.

Other software tools wich I don’t use anymore (because of Figma :heart:) have this feature.

Thanks for reading, hope this could be useful in the future.

The layers panel is terribly unreadable. With a lot of nested frames, groups and layers, it is impossible to navigate it easily.

It seems to me that a slight lifting of contrast and icons would significantly increase readability. It would also be a good idea to give the user the possibility to edit the colours of individual frames or groups.

The example I made to illustrate what I mean :smiley:

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I’d like to vote for “Dream” background with the icons from “Better (colours)”. Don’t know that I want coloured backgrounds on the layers panel, I’d rather have the panel a bit muted so it doesn’t distract from my design work.


I really like this suggestion. A number of UI elements in Figma are too low contrast and washed out, and your Dream (colors) mock looks great.

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