LAUNCHED: Password Protect Prototypes for User Research

Please implement this functionality. It is a major limitation in moving from InVision to Figma, and should be relatively easy to implement.


:pray:t3: Please implement, such a useful feature.

Password protected prototypes is a must have for us to move forward. Please implement.

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Same here. After Years we’re now on the way to fully shift our design-processes to figma. But the migration-process is on hold right now for risky projects because of our companies security policy. :neutral_face: So I would say password protection for a prototype is a killerfeature.

This was a pretty hard lesson for me and is sad in my option for such a well thought tool like figma.

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to share that we’ve (finally, I know) shipped password-protected links. If you’re on a Professional, Organization, or Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to set a password on your Figma file, prototype, and FigJam file. You can read more about the feature in the help center.

We appreciate all your feedback on this feature and in general – I hope you find password protected links useful!

Ben, Figma PM


The auto-gen passwords are really long, which makes it difficult to test with users. is there any way to simplify these for a short period of time such as testing?

@Ben_Stern had a question about the passwords. It doesn’t seem possible to have a different password for different flows and I’m trying to figure out if that’ll cause me any problems.

For context, I have a file that has multiple prototype flows, each in its own unique page within the file. And each prototype has a unique link but they all share the same password. We need only specific people to access each prototype (i.e., a single person should not be accessing all prototypes).

Is there any risk of someone accessing a different Flow in a different page within the same file through their prototype link? Because we have them on different pages, the sidebar just shows the one flow, so I’m assuming no, but wanted to check. Trying to decide if there’s any reason why I would want to create a separate file for each prototype so that they can all have a different passwords.

Hey @mariela.berrocal, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Community members have requested something similar, feel free to vote here for this feature request: Give unique access to specific pages.

You’re correct the only workaround for this is creating separate files and setting a password for the prototype. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us I’ll share this internally with the teams for consideration.

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