Launched: Negative values in Auto Layout

I would pay a lot of money to get this :sweat_smile:

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Dear Figma, I really really really need this feature! :pleading_face:

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Dear Figma, I really really really need this feature! +1

Technically you can independently control a border if you use a shadow with a blur of 0.

Hey There!

I’d love the ability to use Auto Layout to create an overlap of two components. Like this for example:

Currently, I group the components and manually adjust the positioning.

Love to get people’s thoughts on this!


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Check this out: Figma quick trick: negative spacing in auto layout | by Anton Kuznetsov | Feb, 2022 | Bootcamp

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I can not wait anymore!! :dotted_line_face: :woman_facepalming:

One year and 736 votes later… still nothing much I’m afraid. Must be one hell of a refactor needed then for this small feature…


It’s funny how new tools like Figma rocket into mass adoption, to then take forever to implement an addition to a core feature, which should’ve been part of the core feature from the start.

I guess we’ll sooner see a new tool that gives us proper spacing before we see a Figma project manager ping one of their devs in order to spend 1h to implement this in Figma.


The second solution presented in the article is my current workaround too. But still, it is just a workaround or “hack”… Figma, please just include negative values.
Even the Anima Auto Layout Plugin in Sketch can do it since years now.


The negative padding is used very often.
we need an official way but not a “trick” way to do it.

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Wow, okay, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing!

It so needs to happen already.

Also endorsing this one - I understand that there are workarounds for this, but they all have various compromises. This would be a great feature.

The way I worked around this is to wrap each child element in a frame that is smaller than the child element itself. Then one can use AutoLayout on the parent element without a problem. Still not ideal, but better than other workarounds.


The problem with this hack is that if any part of this needs to have an auto-layout itself, you can’t have the frames smaller than the content. It’s a decent work around, but something that definitely should be able to be implemented by Figma.

Agreed regarding the drawback to this hack. There’s no fixing that until the Figma team one day gifts us with the groundbreaking software engineering innovation that is negative spacing in AutoLayout :smirk:

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I just wanted to be the first to say… finally :slight_smile: Kudo’s.


Thank you all so much for the feedback. Negative spacing is now here in our new Auto layout v4!

Learn more at our Help Center and Community Playground File


Negative spacing is now supported by Pro Layout Panel as well