Keyboard shortcuts + command for resizing: fill container etc

Chaining resizing options (fill container, fixed, hug etc) on auto layout frames takes a lot of time. it would be great to have keyboard shortcuts for them.
If not keyboard short cuts then commands I can get to with cmd+P.
Also: I thing double clicking an edge could make it fill the container (similar to hitting the edge of a text area)

Suggestions (given that auto layout is Shift+A):

  • SHIFT+A happens on release, not key down so that you can then…
  • SHIFT+A+LEFT = Hug
  • SHIFT+A+RIGHT = Fill
  • SHIFT+A+DOWN = Fixed



Love and second this idea!!

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Up voting this. This would save much time.

YES PLEASE! Updating components to use Auto Layout can be really painful because there is no easy way to quickly assign sizing option or constraints.

Or at the very least add these as menu items so we can add our own keyboard shortcuts.

Or even as options in the command palette:

The new version of auto-layout makes resizing pretty easy:

double-click the frame edge → Hug Contents
option key + double-click frame edge → Fill Container

This update looks like a massive improvement :slight_smile:


You saved my few months of my life :sweat_smile::sob: THX