It would be great if Figma had a smarter color picker

The Ctrl-C keyboard shortcut is one of the most frequently used in Figma. It’s very useful because you don’t have to direct your mouse cursor to the properties panel area and perform a bunch of clicks, which breaks the flow that you are in on the design canvas. You often can just pick a color from your design right there on the canvas.

But it falls short when you are working with color styles, a design system, etc., which is an increasingly common scenario. In this case, you rarely want to pick a hard-coded color value. Currently, when you use the color picker on top of a layer which has a fill that uses a color style, it picks up the hard color value, not the style.

The idea here is very simple: Give the shortcut a modifier which will make the color picker pick up and apply the color style, and not the raw color value.

In fact I’d go another step further and add a thin vertical color styles strip along the side of the properties panel, so that your color styles are always there for you to pick from.

Please vote for this idea here: Color picker/eyedropper should apply color style.

You might also like this idea: Use eyedropper tool to copy and paste text styles.

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Thanks! Done.

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