Issue with scrolling to see variable options

i can’t scroll down enough to see my options i need.
repro: try and design on a laptop, add 4 ‘set variables’ to a click and you can’t scroll down anymore.

@Eve_Weinberg can you share a copy of the file you’re seeing this on? This would help for comparison to see if there’s something specific in your design that’s causing this.

I’m admittedly not the most ‘suave’ when it comes to variables, so I can poke another team member to take a look if you can share that. Feel free to PM me if you’d like to keep it private.

Experiencing this as well–the modal that holds all the local variable values doesn’t scroll. You have to keep expanding the box vertically to see them (which has a dead end based on resolution of your screen). This is on a Mac using the desktop version. Also would be nice to allow the table columns to expand (dragging the separators would work), typing values that exceed the cell width can’t be viewed without effort (and makes comparing long strings impossible).

Looks like groups will help in the short term–but still suffers from the same limit–on a Mac laptop looks like 19 rows is the limit before you can no longer see anything below the fold (impossible to delete them too if you can’t see them).

EDIT: interesting solve–adding the groups then allows the main variable window to scroll. still buggy though, I can scroll but there are still values that won’t display (stops scrolling before the last value is displayed)

Same issue here on Windows. Cannot scroll the variables modal. Very annoying :grimacing:

In addition to what the others have mentioned, it seems there is a modal scroll bar when a root group is selected (see image), but it does not reveal items past a certain point.

I experience the same issue, very annoying.

The same one. Also, a +Create variable disappeared. The same on iOS desktop app and on the web.
Looks like z-index issue and/or background transparency

Variable navigation in mac os app is very annoying. I cannot scroll down when the content exceed my bottom window edge. Also the fact that the variable modal window height keeps on changing, it’s a ridiculous interaction for an app that designed for creating the best user experience.