Issue with prototyping custom shapes

Hi, I’m trying to prototype a specific segment of an ellipse, that I created using the “Arc” and “Ratio” tools on ellipses. But when I go to prototype, it selects the entire box of the size of the original ellipse, not the current segment.

As you can see in the left panel, the shape is only a segment, yet the prototyping is using the entire box of the original ellipse.

I’ve tried using the “pen” tool to make the same shape, but it also just makes a square box around the segment and forces me to prototype the entire box, rather than the specific shape.

How can I get it to prototype only this existing segment/shape, not the full square/box of the original ellipse?

The only way to solve this is to make a bunch of small rectangles that roughly cover the area as Figma doesn’t allow you to prototype with irregular shapes. Check out an example of this and other useful tips in my Prototyping Tips & Hacks file: (page name: Irregular Shapes Interactions)

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Thank you! I did try this but its hard to fit along a curved edge. I’m very surprised Figma haven’t added a feature yet to prototype specific shapes!