Issue with complex 'After Delay' > 'Navigate to' animations

I’ve set up a placeholder for an incoming experience I haven’t kicked off dev for yet–and I know I’m pushing these animations out of scope–but I was wondering if anyone else has observed this?

What animations I’m using:

Interaction details: After delay (1600ms) > Navigate to > ‘Variant frame’
Animation: Dissolve, Gentle (3200ms) - *Smart animate causes issues with scroll
State management: Preserve scroll position (Yes)

Use case:

I essentially have (4) colorways for this experience, and I want them to gently cycle through on load.

What I’m seeing:

The issue is that when scrolling, the foreground elements (Text and vectors) jump when the dissolve ends at 3200ms.

Link to project -

(I couldn’t figure out a way to leverage components and variants for this, but I suspect this would happen in that instance too.)

I know this is an edge case but maybe there’s a way to fix this in the short run.