Issue when swapping between Variable modes

I’m having issues when I add and publish 3 or more Variable modes with colour. I started with 2 modes, and users of the library could switch between them perfectly. Once I added a 3rd mode, users could see the 3rd mode listed, however when they selected it from the drop down it would default back to Mode 1 (Auto).

It will still switch seamlessly between Mode 1 and 2, but never keep Mode 3 selected. I tried to switching back between Mode 1 and 2 and tried 3 again, but still won’t keep it selected. Mode 3 is showing as active, not greyed out.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Yes, same issue here

I just tried it, but can’t reproduce what you describe. When you say “Variable modes” I assume you mean creating a colour variable with 3 modes, then assigning that mode to the (fill or whatever) colour of the object(s) in that frame - yes?