Is there a way to get the prototype interactions of a nested component to run?

I currently have a component (child component) that is nested in another component. The prototype interaction for that child component only have the “after delay” interaction. When that child component is used by itself, the prototype interations work just fine. However, the prototype interactions of that child component do not run/happen when it’s nested in the other component. Is there a way to get the child component’s interaction to run inside the other component?
I wish there was a way to get the component its nested in to “read” it’s interaction state, but I know that isn’t possible.

Hi Shelby!
Can you try to apply “Reset component state” to the interaction both to and from the modal to see if it can solve the issue? You can have more info on State management for prototype here: Hope it helps!

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I think what I actually had to do was to expose the nested instance, even though I didn’t want the interaction properties to be exposed, but this helped the prototype interactions be exposed in the component it was nested in.

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