Is there a quick way to fill container or hug content?

With the autolayout updates, is there an easy way to fill container or hug content with a single click. It’s such a pain now to go into a dropdown and use fill container / hug contents, whereas previously I just used to click on the arrows in the resizing panel to do that.

I figured out that you can “Option + double click” the edge to fill the container, and then double click again to hug content, but that does not work if you have multiple items selected.

If someone knows a way to achieve the same behaviour as the previous implementation, that would be great for a power user like myself.

For those that think that clicking on a dropdown and then selecting an option is no big deal or is the same as a single click, please do not respond.

this plugin was recommended on another thread and its quite helpful as it surfaces all of the buttons without having to go digging - it is paid though but there is a free trial:

Cool, will have a look at it.

Okay, had a look, useless for me, opening another plugin closes this plugin, so I have to open it again and again, which is even worse than going into a dropdown.