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Is it possible to represent conditional status with interactive components?

I have just read about the interactive components and I love the idea. At the same time I see that they may solve my issue partially. I would like to know if there is any way to solve it completely with Figma and Interactive Components in particular.

The issue is the following: on one screen I have three interactive elements that work as checkboxes (either active or disabled). And below them I have a button. I would like to make this button looking active (and clickable) in the prototype ONLY if at least one of three checkboxes is ON. If all of them are OFF the button should look as disabled and doesn’t react on the click.

Is there any way to implement it?

Not unless you make a component of the interactive elements, and set some of those variants of that component, to show the button as active.

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Thanks for the answer. You mean to put the button as a part of the same interactive component?

Yes. Or switch to a new frame with the button in a different state when clicking the checkbox.