Is it possible to lock anchor points?

I’m attempting to build a component for a staggered progress bar that could have 1-6 different “levels” (the light pink bars). As a designer, I constantly need to show stakeholders variations of the progress bar with different numbers of levels, so ideally the levels’ width is to its surrounding container.
However, each level is separated with a diagonal divider (which aligns to the company identity) rather than a straight divider. When I change the number of levels within the progress bar, this diagonal divider changes its angle.
Is there a way to avoid this? e.g. locking anchor points? Inserting vectors created in Illustrator?

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 13.56.25

I would solve it by having two different pieces inside the component. One for the angled parts and one for the bar itself. The bars would “fill” the shape, while the angled tips would just move around the shape as it changes width. I don’t know if the description is clear enough so if you prefer I can make an example.