Is Figma going to force us into Dev Mode?

Let me start by saying Dev mode looks very cool, useful, helpful etc and I hope my dev teams agree and want to use it/PAY for it. That said I work at an extremely large company with an exceptionally large dev team. Just tacking on 25/year for each dev seat will likely be a blocker for us. I do not have the will nor bandwidth to put on my internal salesman hat and convince finance teams to take this on.

One of the KEY reasons we adopted FIgma was the lower barrier to collaboration via free dev seats.

So my question is: After beta is over can teams work they way we did prior to dev mode? Regardless of how cool dev mode is, the added cost changes the paradigm significantly for large teams. If the answer to this is “no” it likely could send us back to Sketch/Abstract.


Fixing typo in my OP - cost is 25/month per user not per year. Side note - there really should be an obvious way to edit posts

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I’m on the same boat here :pensive: I really do hope we can go back to our previuos way of handoff once the free beta time is over, or else, I don’t think my company will keep Figma :sob:

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“One of the KEY reasons we adopted FIgma was the lower barrier to collaboration via free dev seats.”

I agree. Our team Enterprise, and this feature should be featured in our current plan without upcharge. Charging Enterprise tier extra for a new essential feature is not going to go over well.

Same for me, I think Dev Mode is amazing and fully support the value prop, but I have my work cut out for me if I’ve got to sell my business on paying for every developer to have a license. And if Inspect mode goes away I might be left with poor hand-off capabilities and more time spent manually annotating my designs.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to charge for Dev mode but knowing the Designer/Developer ratio it would be great if there was an avenue that wouldn’t increase our Figma License by a factor of 7!

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Yep. This move is going to really alienate Figma’s enterprise customers. The value add is a given, but surely there should be a basic inspect mode for teams that don’t want to opt in to advanced dev mode.

I’m a huge Figma evangelist, but they’ve gotta keep their customer in mind in these decisions

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We’re not paying $25/month/developer for Dev Mode. Inspecting designs should remain free for Viewers as it is now.


It’s hard to say with great confidence, but my current understanding is that Inspect features aren’t going to go away completely after the beta period is over.

As an admin for a medium-sized design team on enterprise, I can’t even get a grasp on how many of my hundreds of engineers with viewer seats have even tried dev-mode. If it were added to the activity logging, we’d at least have a way to predict the demand.