Interactive Component Radio Button Variables Bug

I appear to have found multiple bugs with Variables and interactive (unless I’ve somehow got the logic for this wrong?)

I am attempting to create a yes/no radio button using variables. For each radio button I’m creating the following variables:

Item{x} - Boolean value, Tracks if yes or no has been selected on that radio button
Selected/Item{x} - Boolean value, checks if the radio button has been clicked at least once

I also have a CTA variable (Boolean value) which enables or disables the main CTA button.

The logic I have implemented should be doing the following when any radio button is pressed.

  1. Mark the item as being clicked at least once (Selected/Item{x} == true)
  2. Change the component to the correct variant by changing the Item{x} variable (False == “Yes”, True == “No”)
  3. If all items have been clicked at least once (Selected/Item{x} == true), then enable CTA (CTA==True)

The bug here is, despite the logic for this one being correct as far as I can see, the final conditional does not seem to be making any changes to the CTA.

Another bug that appears is, when viewing the prototype, some of the radio buttons disappear for some reason. They reappear after something has been clicked.

Thirdly, the variables are being set on a component, with these changed on instances of that component to match the right list item (Item1, item 2 etc). For some reason, these overrides are not always applying. I’m running into an issue for example where the radio button on item 2 in the list is changing the state of the radio buttons in item 1 despite being overridden correctly in the instance.

I’ve included a link below to the prototype to demonstrate these issues:

Figma prototype link:

Figma Board link:


I have run into a similar problems with an on/off switch component with 2 variants with a True/False property. I set the on-click of each variant to switch to the other. I connected an instance of this component to a boolean Variable.

I have seen the missing switch issue (rarely), and it reappears when something is clicked as you describe. But the bigger issue is that the switch only works on the first click. On the second click, nothing happens. All subsequent clicks highlights all the active areas in blue, like when you click anywhere on the page.

If I switch to the design tab and toggle the Local Variable, then the prototype work exactly as expected without issue. Try it with yours.

I don’t see any point in using variables to change the radio instances, unless you want one button collection affect the other one, e.g. you only want the user to be able to select either email or mobile app; not both, but that doesn’t make sense in this case. You also lose the ability to animate the component when using variables to change variants.

You can simply add or subtract from an integer variable that tracks how many buttons are checked. Then use a string variable for the state of the continue button.

It is very similar to this solution (you can open it and inspect the design):

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Yep it looks like I was experiencing the same problem as you on this one. I could also toggle the local variable and it works

This is an interesting potential solution though! Hadn’t thought about using integers. There’s obviously the added complexity of having two radio buttons for each option but I’ll give this one a go to see if it makes a difference.

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