Interactive Component - Can't prototype to another screen

When creating interactive components e.g a button, it seems like I can’t use it to prototype from one screen to another, is that a bug or something that Figma can’t do?

e.g so I created a screen with the interactive component button when I click prototype to another screen it won’t work. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is this something Figma can’t do?

you should provide a playground file if you need help, as it is hard to understand the problem you are having…

Hi Edwards,

Thanks for your quick response, so in screen A I have an interactive component when I hover the button the color changes but if I click on that button to load another screen e.g B it wont work, you can do this in other tools like XD, not sure if I am doing something wrong or Figma can’t do that just show the pretty hover component but not use them to prototype from screens to screens

As a wild guess you might have the interaction in the wrong place.

First Make sure you apply the right behaviour to the button.

Second Apply the navigation behaviour in the context of your frame

Hope this helps,