Instance text component


I have a problem that I didn’t have before…
I’ve created a simple rectangle component with text inside.
I’ve created 2 instances, and I’ve modified the text of one of the two instances.
The problem is that in preview mode, the hover of this instance keeps the text of the main component! I didn’t have this problem before.
Can someone please explain what’s changed and what the solution is?

Thanks in advance

can you check if the text node in the hover variant is actually linked to the prop of the component? This got me a few times…

I assume you have a component string proo for the label.


Yes, I do. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve always created my components this way and it worked just fine.

I am not asking about the prototyping actions.

Under the deploy_option component, for the hover variant, check if the texy node is linked to the prop that dolds the label.